Detour before going to Japan
View from my flat
My Uni
Nothing much has changed. He still sleeps everywhere.
Living in Japan now. And it’s raining
The Monkeys. Hereby marking the end of my life in Seoul. A new one has already been formed in good old Denmark and another chapter will begin in half a year when I’m heading back to Asia to live in Japan for a while. Honestly I feel like staying here, Denmark has become pretty awesome (not only because arctic monkeys are playing in my backyard).
Thanks for all the followers, friends as strangers. I’m setting up a new blog, a guide to the people moving to Seoul, sharing my experiences in the hope that someone will learn from my mistakes. ^o~ Until then, take care! I miss you all~~
View from rail bike, Gangwondo, East Korea
Gangwondo, East Korea
Gangwondo, East Korea
Wedding guests…
Korean wedding in Bucheon